Valuable lesson (Go wide) (Pitch cleverly)

Valuable lesson (Go wide) (Pitch cleverly)

Today my class got split up into two groups of 11 and was given the same 1 day brief (with a twist) The brief was to up the viewers ratings for Strictly Come Dancing, as there ratings was falling. My team had to tweak the show a little bit to up the ratings, while the other team kept the same name Strictly Come Dancing but they could be as crazy as they wanted.

Through out the day our team could hear the other team, having a laugh while we was going in circles with ideas. It felt like we were in control of an accelerator (applying the pressure and taking it off) then repeating the process. We did not really get far in 4 hours! At the end of the day we had to present our idea in front of the other group and our course leader Lynette.

As expected the others did a crazy presentation, while all of our straight faces presented. After the presentation we discussed trough our ideas process, then we got to the reason why Lynette set the brief (being restricted does not help) this was the whole point of the day. Restricting yourself from going wide is stupid and takes the fun out of things you need to go wide and pulling it back in again.

Lynette showed us an ad campaign by ROM. An example to show us even by keeping the same product and context you can still go wide.

Strategy: keeping something preserved. Protest to the people to keep the product with out the knowing. People think change is good. Show them something so outrageous that they reevaluate the product, and respect the old product so much they want it back.

I thought this ad was wonderful. It is a well-known fact we do not know what we have until it is gone or we never want anything until we cannot have it. This led Lynette to show us a post by Dave Trott on his blog about using the same method to present an idea. This was a BIG eye opener and a valuable lesson I will remember for the rest of my days. Pitching is sometimes more important than the idea. An go WIDE.


SHOW studio (Live) photo shoot

SHOW studio (Live) photo shoot

Some people like to follow only very few people on twitter because they think it looks good, if you ask me that is plain stupidity. Through a tweet by @SHOWstudio I read they was doing a live photo shoot with famous photographer Nick Knight and six famous models one being Cara Delevingne.

By watching this for a while I saw what goes on behind the scene. I was expecting a lot of fake and people up there own ass, but to my surprise the atmosphere was calm and some of the people came across down to earth an normal. Also even though most people was industry professionals I still got the feeling the shoot was quite amateur. I am not hating, I mean it is good to see that for a professional it does not always run smooth and perfect, at this stage of there career, I think that is good to see as it shows no one is perfect. We tend to look up to those who have made it, like they must know everything there is to know and they get it right. This makes use think, I need to work myself up to there standards and we chase this feeling. This feeling is what stops us exploring our own creativity an we focus on learning about putting on are own persona to be like industry professional. We really should be our selves, stop thinking what you should be like and get crazy. And another thing think like a kid, don’t put rules in the way of ideas on any brief. (Until the end an you have to be realistic to abide by laws in this world)However that way you create something original and have FUN!


Brief feedback

Brief feedback

I think I will keep this one short seem as I love to rant on..

Today a 3rd year ad student Ewan Henson came in to our class to give us feedback on the brief he set us. As I don’t want to rant on I will not be talking about that however he gave feedback on what he wished he had done in the first year. He hoped he had started to document his work straight away to build up a book of his best work to show agencies.

I plan to invest in a few Adobe programs by the end of this week. I will then us InDesign to start my book. Like my tutor has said over an over you have to be “ON IT” (ITS CRUNCH TIME) by doing this I will be storing my work but better yet I will have a PDF portfolio and book ready to present to NEW YORK agencies for when our class goes next year.


Media Product event

Media Product event

I am fortunate I know what career I want to do 8 weeks into my course. People usually do not have a clue before the end of first year or worse yet after graduating. I want to be an art director working closely with film to be specific TV commercials.

Not knowing a lot about film, but being curios and wanting to learn, I went to a media production talk not knowing what to expect. There was 8 graduates of all ages who had graduated through a film related course and Steve Partridge in the middle, course leader for Film & production. For 2 hours and a half, they all talk between each other about their journey, their position now and what they look for in a person. Rob Burt who works for RobRob kept cracking me up, as he is a quirky character not afraid to be himself and give his view, which was good to see and something that stood out. (my kind of person)

It was finally question time I homed in on the balled guy closely working near my field, this person was Chris Church a senior producer working for ITN. I told him I was a first year ad wanting to become an art director with in film, and how do I go about getting experience. His reply was obviously do your research and choose directors who’s work you like and email them explaining. After the talk I spoke with him and he loved my attitude and gave me his email and he said he would send me a list of art directors he knew. I also got quirky Robs email and we had a good chat about companies, he said vice sounds right up my street. Then I met 3 third year students studying Film, they was more than willing to help me with a project.

In the past 2 days I have networked with 14 people but would say 9 of them I can say I had a good chat with and I am sure I will be remembered if I was to email them because I made sure I stood out. The opportunity’s I created for myself would be another essay so I will stop here.

One thing I would like to add I brought up an issue with Steve Partridge course leader for Film & production. The issue I have is that ad students don’t have access to their film equipment. I am interested myself to start learning and using this equipment. This led to a discussion about the interactivity between the two courses, I am glad to say him and Bruce (second year tutor for Creative Ad) would like the interactivity to happen. As a student I am going to send a few emails off and get something done about this today! I want to create that change.


Phycology lecture (Go Luck Yourself)

Phycology lecture (Go Luck Yourself)

I am very curious about phycology one of the many reasons I chose to do advertising. I decided to drop in to a lecture yesterday about the phycology of luck by Matthew Smith. I wont rant of about what he talked about because you’ll look at the block text an think F that. So ill focus on what the talk lead me to do.

One thing Mathew spoke about maintaining chance and opportunity, putting your self out there and be sociable. He did a test, he shown 15 surnames he asked us to count how many people we known with that second surname. Then he said the more people you know the more opportunity you are creating for yourself. As I am a 1st year advertising student this was very clear to me that’s called networking and it something I need to be getting out there and doing. With this in mind I went to the careers fair straight after the session with this positive a attitude and aimed to meet people who could create opportunity for me doing work experience. Firstly I spoke with Dan on the stall of Interactive schools, talking to him I found out they was based down the road and had 6 bucks graduates working there so they happily take on students to do work experience. Showing him my positive attitude he said to me “come back at 1:30 Tim the head of the company will be here then and love to speak to someone like you” So I did I got his personal email and he told me to send my CV. Then I met Mark Hughes-Webb who is team member for the company Space-2 I got speaking to him for a good half hour about where my interest lie what I hope to do, and how his company could help with experiencing that. He was really enthusiastic towards me and asked me to fill out a form as I passed it him he didn’t put it on the pile like the rest of the forms he put it in his pocket and said I have some work near where you live I will speak with my boss about it and be in touch.


Future Risings networking event

Future Risings networking even

Today Future Rising came to Bucks Ad School. Future Risings aim is to inspire educate and support the careers of young people. We had great talks from Adam Oldfield, Asads Haykh, Mel Arrow, David Adamson and Gemma Germains. Despite what they talked about, this is what I took from some of their talks. Through Asads talk I created a quote ‘Be more tache’ due to the fact he landed his job with Future Rising because he wrote on his application, I have a moustache. Its the idea of being different and standing out #BeMoreTache. Being a newbie I have a lot to learn about agency’s and there approach to the style of working, through the presentation Mel and David they shown their recent work and who they currently work for. I have to say BBH London & Fallon look like my cup of tea, as I want to work in an environment where they embrace creativity and you not just put behind a desk to make the company money.

The person who stood out the most was Gemma Germain. Her talk was about Saying “NO” to working for free. I have great respect for Gemma as she runs her own business not for profit but for purely the love. To sum Gemma up in one work I would say she is a realist, she say it how it is and that her quality (Not to mention she is a northerner😉 ). She was honest she said, “I don’t make much I could be making three time what I am making if I took on un paid internship.” But she does not do this because she see’s this as a massive problem for young people and creativity. Having to pay for your self for transport, food and accommodation for weeks or moths at a time coasts! Also I might have to beg my boss for time off work or worse yet have a family member I have to care for. These entire things do not help and create a rollercoaster ride. So when you and I are asked to work for free again we should say “NO” and if everyone does this we will make that positive change and upset the corrupt ones. Remember they are your ideas, your time, your work. They are precious to you, you should get paid even if you are only interning.

I was trying to be a freelance Graphic Designer at one stage so I know how difficult that is to. It is very similar people expect you to work for free and take advantage of those that do. My friend Jerome Collinge has been a free lance Graphic Design for 3 years and he has managed to get past that however people still try and take advantage by selling him something that sounds promising but they want to set him a brief to work on for free. Me and Jerome share the same interests and views, we have recently talk about getting are own place together in the long run and like Gemma designing purely for what we believe we want to do rather than do it for the money or not like are job. Gemmas talk was another wake up call to take that step after graduating. To establish are own thing and create work we love to do. Remember many greats started with passionate small business and they tended to have the best ideas.


This is a really good prank!


Recently I have had an epiphany. Having a creative career has always been my destiny and working towards it I have explored Fine art, Graphic design and an art foundation course. Through doing these courses I have learnt a lot, while it have give me the experience to find my my desired job role. I have come to the stage to realise all the stepping stones have joined to one place (film) an art director.

Being dyslexic I have not been the best speller nor reader so book are hard to follow. Therefor I am a visual learner so naturally film has always been their. It was not until I started my creative advertising course a couple weeks back I came to realise the connection I had with film. When it comes to the stage of thinking how can I get my idea across to the audience, Film is always on the mind. It is a very powerful way of expressing an idea, emotion, story etc. You can create a relation ship with the context.

I am now going to explore film further, I like this prank for reason I wont rant on about but I like the idea of hidden cameras which capture people reactions. I think capturing reactions, documentaries and fashion related filming are where my interests lie.