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I am inspired through my past experience’s and the world around me. I don’t like the point a finger at a particular event or people, however Pharrell Williams is someone who continues to inspiring me; constantly pulling interesting things out the bag. Where do I start.

Okay so lets keep this brief, it is late and I cant wait to watch the rest of his ARTST TLK documentaries.. I love his person and the message he is putting out into the world through iamOTHER, a website/YouTube channel and cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts. A platform for the creative minds in all mediums. If you are reading this as a creative yourself, I suggest you check it the site and its manifesto, showing respect to individuals.

This is just a short message, I think this is one of the most interesting innovative sites around for creatives and creative thinks at the moment, I just wanted to show you what I am interesting in and  promote to site to you. I have watch a majority of the video on his site, I am now on one of their many Youtube pages, watching ARTST TLK documentaries presented by himself. If you like to hear the journey and state of mind of innovative artist, then I advise you to watch them yourself. They are very inspiring and grate to know your not along, the artist are strange in there own right too.

At the top of the page I have just watched.. I love Jeff Koons perspective on how he views the world around him.



The definition of original.

The definition of original.

A single person has now changed the concept of iTunes, from just clicking a button to visually seeing a short clip. Beyoncé is a genius for this idea, which acts as a tack tick to direct people to iTune. They want to see what all the fuss is about and then get drawn in by these short introductions what are previews of her music videos. Because there so well filmed they hook you in then end, making people want to see more so they buy the song to do so. Not to mention this makes people buy her album or song from iTune, which is clever as most people down load music for free on regular sites they visit.

This idea is the definition of, thinking outside the box. This is an original idea, which gives a hint of where advertising is heading (Online) plus what could be created. Recently I discovered Film. A discovery that finalised my stepping-stones, of all my years of creativity, all joined up together like dot to dot. All I want to do is come up with an idea then show it through a short film, filmed and created by myself. But being on an advertising course I am thinking I need to work myself up for an agency career sitting in an office getting given a brief then working out an idea. Beyoncé helped me realise, why do I have to work myself up for an agency career. Why? Why not make it become a reality.

You have herd the stories where an artist says ‘I want him/her to do this this, they’ll create something good’. Why can’t I become that person? A person who has people approach them for there work? All it takes is to start to do what I love and let the talent be seen hopefully it will eventually become this idea of people coming to me for my art director input and excitation.


Valuable lesson (Go wide) (Pitch cleverly)

Valuable lesson (Go wide) (Pitch cleverly)

Today my class got split up into two groups of 11 and was given the same 1 day brief (with a twist) The brief was to up the viewers ratings for Strictly Come Dancing, as there ratings was falling. My team had to tweak the show a little bit to up the ratings, while the other team kept the same name Strictly Come Dancing but they could be as crazy as they wanted.

Through out the day our team could hear the other team, having a laugh while we was going in circles with ideas. It felt like we were in control of an accelerator (applying the pressure and taking it off) then repeating the process. We did not really get far in 4 hours! At the end of the day we had to present our idea in front of the other group and our course leader Lynette.

As expected the others did a crazy presentation, while all of our straight faces presented. After the presentation we discussed trough our ideas process, then we got to the reason why Lynette set the brief (being restricted does not help) this was the whole point of the day. Restricting yourself from going wide is stupid and takes the fun out of things you need to go wide and pulling it back in again.

Lynette showed us an ad campaign by ROM. An example to show us even by keeping the same product and context you can still go wide.

Strategy: keeping something preserved. Protest to the people to keep the product with out the knowing. People think change is good. Show them something so outrageous that they reevaluate the product, and respect the old product so much they want it back.

I thought this ad was wonderful. It is a well-known fact we do not know what we have until it is gone or we never want anything until we cannot have it. This led Lynette to show us a post by Dave Trott on his blog about using the same method to present an idea. This was a BIG eye opener and a valuable lesson I will remember for the rest of my days. Pitching is sometimes more important than the idea. An go WIDE.


Preditah interview with SBTV – Figure App


Today I felt like listing to a Preditah beat so searching on YouTube I came across an interview about him by SBTV. It is good to see how humble he his and like my post yesterday talking about industry professionals I aw a similar situation.

Though the interview he goes on to say ‘I feel the future for production is right here on my iphone’ because it is portable and in your hand. Then goes on to talk about an app called Figure, where you can create your own beats.

The advantages of this app, if you get a melody in your head you can go on the app, create it and save it. I am not even a producer I am a Creative Advertising student and I have sore the precessional in this product. An advertising legend John Webster you’s to make notes of song he would come across then use them in commercials. But I can create my own commercial or short peace of film and if I have a melody in my head I can grab my phone a quickly create it, an instead of sitting with a producer trying to explain what melody is in my head, I can create it using this app poria to meeting him, then show him and get in produced quick time.


SHOW studio (Live) photo shoot

SHOW studio (Live) photo shoot

Some people like to follow only very few people on twitter because they think it looks good, if you ask me that is plain stupidity. Through a tweet by @SHOWstudio I read they was doing a live photo shoot with famous photographer Nick Knight and six famous models one being Cara Delevingne.

By watching this for a while I saw what goes on behind the scene. I was expecting a lot of fake and people up there own ass, but to my surprise the atmosphere was calm and some of the people came across down to earth an normal. Also even though most people was industry professionals I still got the feeling the shoot was quite amateur. I am not hating, I mean it is good to see that for a professional it does not always run smooth and perfect, at this stage of there career, I think that is good to see as it shows no one is perfect. We tend to look up to those who have made it, like they must know everything there is to know and they get it right. This makes use think, I need to work myself up to there standards and we chase this feeling. This feeling is what stops us exploring our own creativity an we focus on learning about putting on are own persona to be like industry professional. We really should be our selves, stop thinking what you should be like and get crazy. And another thing think like a kid, don’t put rules in the way of ideas on any brief. (Until the end an you have to be realistic to abide by laws in this world)However that way you create something original and have FUN!


Creative CV approach (Pair)

Creative CV approach (Pair)

Today I spent the best part of my day with Max Parker-Smith a fellow student. Though our contacts we have arranged a work placement at MBA and company. We are going to team up as a pair and was asked to send in a creative CV. Max suggested we should draw a sketch of us two at the start. This lead to me suggesting we should draw a sketch of one another showing our good and bad qualities, then place them next to each other. We both thought this was a great idea.

Qualities of Max, well-spoken and educated but is always away with the fairies. He is explained by others to look like Joey Essex & Hugo Thornberry. Two perfect people to show these qualities. Through this I decided to create a collage of photos of the two celebrities instead of drawing a sketch. This would then be more visually obvious who he is explained to be like but also show my Graphic Design skills, however I had a problem with my creative cloud so I had to put it together using Word!


Networking = placement

Networking = placement

Today I got an Email back from Space-2 after meeting Mark Hughes-Webb at the careers fair and having a feeling I hear back from him. I have been offered an interview for some work experience with them. Their most recent project was for The Voice UK which has not even been broadcasted yet. I am excited to see how the interview turns out, hopefully I can get involved with an exciting project.

I also received an email back from Chris Church from when I met him a few days back. He is such a nice guy and a handy contact to have. Hopefully I will soon have a few of his friend’s emails who are Art Directors to get some work experience and take this desire of mine to a next level. And I have got some more good news to! I have sold a few of my treasured items, so I am not to far of having the money to buy a Canon 60D to get the ball rolling and explore the world of film.